This project consisted of a kitchen extension and full remodel. While the extension was just a few feet of additional space, the transformation was dramatic and gave more function to a previously cramped space. Flooring, cabinetry, fresh finishes, new appliances, and exterior work completed the project for a great heart of the home for a growing family.

Project Cost Range - $$$
Customer Project Review: We hired Aaron to do a full kitchen extension, renovation and remodel. It was a a long time dream to take our tiny, dysfunctional kitchen and do what we could to make it as nice as possible in the space we had.
The end result far exceeded what we thought was possible- between an extension, taking a wall down and figuring out a perfect layout we ended up with not just "the best we could get" but an objectively beautiful, spacious and functional kitchen.
If you're looking for near full creative and design control that's exactly what you get! Aaron recommended vendors and gave professional suggestions but was supportive of what we wanted in every way.
One of the most invaluable things about hiring Aaron were his professional connections - we had had bad luck hiring contractors for small jobs in the past. All of Aaron's contractors were fantastic, we've even asked for their numbers for electric and plumbing work in the time since.
It's been so fun in the time since to have neighbors over who have our same layout to come see what's possible for their tiny kitchen. We give them Aaron's info every time. If your dream remodel seems impossible - at least give him a call and see what he can do! We honestly couldn't have imagined a better outcome.